High End Gaming Computers - Serious Performance for Serious Gamers

Serious about PC gaming? You have come to the right place! We build extreme performance gaming computers for serious enthusiasts who have a need to dominate the game. Unlike most companies selling 'gaming computers' you will not find any cookie cutter boxes here. Although we do make recommendations based on your budget, each and every machine is custom built specifically for you with extreme attention to detail and guaranteed to be the best you can get.

Overclocked machines are available on request. We optimize & match the speed of your CPU, GPU & RAM for ultimate performance. Speeds vary by machine but we regularly deliver clock speeds of 4.5Ghz and above. All overclocks are guaranteed to be 100% rock solid stable!

Please Note: End user over-clocking will void the warranty. We get you the fastest stable speed possible, so no need to try and squeeze out more anyway.

Not Just for Gamers - Serious Power for Work Too!

Need serious computing power for work? In addition to high end gaming machines, we also build custom computers for a variety of work applications as well. Time is money and increased productivity means increased profits and more time for things other than waiting on your computer!

Architects, engineers, professional photographers, professional video producers, and sound studio technicians are among the types of business clients we build high performance computers for. If your job involves a program with large resouce demands we can help you be more productive. With the right machine for the job waiting for applications or large files to load can be a thing of the fast. Boot times and rendering times can be dramatically reduced as well. If you use AutoCad or similar programs you know what we are talking about. Imagine Autocad loading instamtly and even the largest of project files coming up in less than a second or two. Sound interesting? Give us a call to see just how much we can help you increase productivity at work.

Build Info & Expected Delivery

We do not have machines sitting on the shelf waiting to be ordered. All of our computers are custom designed and built to order. They are also thoroughly tweaked and tested before delivery to insure perfection every time.

Because of this it takes approximately 1 week to complete your build and get your custom gaming or work rig ready for delivery. Trust us, it is well worth the wait to get a true custom high end machine. If you are located in our area we will even deliver and set it up for you!

Got questions? Feel free to drop us an email or give us a call!